Tgi handles numerous single shipments for individuals who only have a one time hazmat  shipment. Whether working, hunting, or fishing, many people planning a trip to the Alaska bush discover how many common job or camping items are considered hazardous material when taken aboard an aircraft. Our familiarity with these items can help make your experience with the airlines much more worry free.
Small items shipping process: We pick up your hazmat shipment at your door and transport it to our facility. There, our trained hazmat specialists will package your shipment, mark, label and complete the dangerous goods declaration. We then check your shipment in with the airline of your choice for domestic or international delivery.

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More customers are choosing to outsource different parts of their business, and hazmat is no exception. This makes sense as outsourcing helps to provide a level of insulation between regulatory compliance and your business, while reducing the costs associated with employees and training.
Tgi handles pallets of hazmat for customers that send large stock orders to the Alaska bush. These orders are handled with all the care given to our small shipments. When your shipment is delivered to the airline, you can rest assured that it was prepared to the highest standards.
Larger item shipping process: We palletize, cover and wrap your hazmat shipment. Preparing your shipment as an overpack protects your product from the loss or damage that can occur from shipping multiple pieces.

Hazmat Made Easy

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